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Challenges We Solve


Lack of Brand Identity and Undefined Target Consumer

Escape the Sea of Forgettable Brands. Let us craft a powerful and cohesive brand identity, connecting you with your target customers for lasting impact. Define and resonate with your core audience, boosting brand loyalty and ROI.


Silo Marketing Initiatives and Lack of Strategy & Organic Growth


Whether it's a bandwidth issue or your marketing lead is overwhelmed, we collaborate with your team to craft a comprehensive marketing strategy and execution plan. Ensure proper funneling of each initiative, maintain consistent messaging across channels, and boost organic search ranking with keyword and SEO optimized content

Challenges with Retailer Acquisition & B2B Relationship Management and Support

Whether facing personnel shortages or strategic uncertainties, we empower emerging and established brands to stand out from the competition. We ignite your brand's uniqueness and strategically pair you with retailers that complement your identity. Ensure retail readiness, navigate pitch and on-boarding processes, and elevate your B2B sales and marketing strategy for increased sell-through rates and robust retailer partnerships

And So Much More.....

About Eminence

With a 23 year journey in the dynamic consumer-packaged goods beauty sector, B2B, DTC, we stand as a strategic growth consulting agency devoted to propelling brand towards unparalleled success.

Success, a bespoke journey for every brand, finds its compass with us. Eminence thrives on tailoring strategies that breathe life into unique visions. Our comprehensive industry background encompasses branded marketing, brand strategy, compliance, retailer acquisition, and manufacturing - a 360° tapestry of know-how.

Having collaborated with 65+ illustrious brands, including industry giants like The Honest Company, Estee Lauder, Dr. Brandt, and trailblazers like Nuria and Tarte, I've personally helmed two VP positions within the natural clean competitive space. This rich experience equips us to mastermind growth for Indie, Prestige, and Masstige brands. Moreover, we champion sought-after clean and sustainable eco-friendly initiatives that resonate with today's conscientious consumers.

As active members of premier beauty industry associations, we derive inspiration, motivation, and crucial insights, including being recognized in esteemed beauty publications, that keep us aligned with the industry's rapid evolution. Notably, we continue to be quoted in well-respected beauty publications, solidifying our expertise and insights in the industry.  Our team, a dynamic and synergistic force, fosters the organic expansion of Eminence. I, as a results-driven leader and unconventional thinker, orchestrate strategic revelations that pave the way for our clients to conquer new horizons.

Eminence Brand Development doesn't just offer guidance; we provide a panoramic 30,000 ft view that unveils uncharted possibilities. Our passion, integrity, and expertise converge to not only meet but exceed client expectations consistently.

At Eminence, we've harnessed our prowess to craft an avenue for brands to discover and unleash their competitive edge, ensuring triumph in an ever-evolving yet extraordinary industry."

Warm Regards,

Alyse Zunino Creative Director, Eminence Brand Development


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