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We understand that the beauty and wellness market is forever evolving to meet the needs of the end consumer.  We remain flexible and custom tailor our á la carte services to fit your brand's dynamic needs. Don't see your specific service listed?  Let's connect and discuss how to bring it to life.

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Brand Strategy

In a saturated skincare market, a brand strategy is crucial for differentiation and consumer connection, guiding consistent brand messaging and identifying your target consumer. It defines the brand's unique identity, guiding product development, marketing, and customer interactions. A well-executed brand strategy fosters loyalty, trust, and recognition, essential for standing out amidst intense competition and driving long-term success.

Identify USP
Identify Primary consumer and behaviors
Brand persona and values
Brand identity model (BIM)
and so much more!

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On-Call Consulting

Our #1 Service! Offering on-call consulting services provides clients with personalized and convenient beauty advice, tailored to their needs and preferences. This flexible approach not only saves clients time and money but allows clients to quickly adapt any initiative to increase ROI.

Personalized Advice
Overcome business challenges
Process Improvements
Up-To- Date Industry insight
Weekly / Bi-Weekly calls if needed
MoCRA compliance
Assist in meetings, etc..
Get quick responses to any of your business hurdles


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Elevate Your Marketing Initiatives with Precision. Our Expertise Lies in Crafting Industry-Leading Digital Marketing Strategies and Optimizing Overall Content for Tactical Excellence

Compelling FDA compliant copy
SEO optimized copy
Marketing calendar
Marketing strategies
Marketing tactical plan
Social Media Management
Label copy requirements
Primary and Secondary Packaging Design
Production Shoots 



Retailer Growth  +  Acquisition Management

Nurture Your Brand's Flourishing Beauty: A 360° Strategy for Expanding Distribution Footprint and Focused Growth Management

New retailer acquisition
Pitch presentations
Account management
Sales strategy
Grow existing partnerships
Collaborative B2B marketing strategies
Retail merchandising
Data analytics + Insights
Market research
Nuturing partnerships for long-term success


Screenshot 2024-03-13 at 08-36-46 Skincare manufacturing facility pictures with client in
Makeup Photoshoot

Manufacturing and Fulfillment

Content Creation

Allow us to guide your products from conception to the finished goods stage by partnering with a prestigious, cutting-edge manufacturing and third-party logistics (3PL) fulfillment facility. We'll be your on-the-ground team, guaranteeing quality assurance, meeting launch dates, and fostering innovation every step of the way. This is a level of expertise that no agency can offer.

We all know content is queen!  At Eminence, we have created affordable packages that fit your brand needs from reels, videos, stills, behind-the-scenes and so much more. 

Private Label Innovation
Custom Manufacturing, Tech Transfers
Onsite for production runs
Account Management
Competitive Pricing


Behind The Scenes
Films/ Trainings


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